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Best place to travel solo female in the U.S.


If you are a solo female traveler and looking for an ideal getaway, then the United States is just where you should go, as it has some of the best places to explore all by yourself. From scenic beaches and cityscapes to vibrant cities, there are plenty of options available here that offer amazing adventures. We will cover some breathtaking locations across America that make perfect destinations if you're traveling alone as a woman.


Benefits of Solo Female Travel

Solo female travel has numerous perks, both physically and mentally. Taking the initiative to make decisions on your own can lead to a strong sense of empowerment and freedom. Even if you're taking off for the weekend or tend towards an adventurous lifestyle, solo travels present incredible possibilities for personal growth and exploration - opportunities that allow great flexibility in decision-making are particularly attractive as well! So why not take advantage of these benefits when venturing out into unfamiliar parts of our wonderful world?

Going solo as a female tourist is also an incredible opportunity to make new mates while exploring different cultures and getting friendly with local people during your adventure; if you're open-minded towards strangers, you may be shocked by amazing conversations that otherwise wouldn't have happened given other situations.


Factors to Consider for Solo Female Travel

It's important to stay safe while traveling - which is why researching your destination prior to departure should be a top priority. Knowing safety tips, local customs & cultures, accommodation options etc, will make sure that you enjoy your trip even more. Common sense always comes in handy anytime we find ourselves visiting unfamiliar places, so remember this tip, too.

It's important to get the low down on local laws and customs before starting your journey. Doing so will help you steer clear of annoying or even dangerous situations that may arise if you're unaware of certain cultural taboos. Consider joining some reliable travel groups prior to your departure; this way, there are people at hand in case something goes wrong along the way. Knowing a bit about local cultures can be especially beneficial for solo female travelers – it could potentially save you from finding yourself in compromising circumstances.

It's worth doing your research on common courtesies in the area before you begin exploring - know what gestures and behaviors are regarded as rude or offensive, which areas to avoid after dark, etc. It will make it much easier for you to fit in but also keep yourself out of harm's way during your travels. When booking a place for the night, safety should always be kept at top priority – do some online reviews digging about where you're staying first, then decide if it fits all criteria securely enough; this could mean checking whether there are CCTV systems around premises or any additional locks installed inside doors.


Top Solo Female Travel Destinations in the U.S.

New York City

New York City is the ultimate U.S. destination for solo female travelers. Its world-famous skyline and live neighborhoods, as well as its incredible selection of attractions, make it one of a kind! Whether you're checking out Times Square or Brooklyn Bridge, exploring Chinatown on foot or taking in the views from a Staten Island Ferry ride - NYC has something for everyone to enjoy. But wait, there's more; New York provides safety measures specifically tailored towards single female travelers, too! What could make this city any better?

The West Village, East Village and downtown Manhattan are all very safe to explore when you're on your own because there's usually a strong police presence.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, maybe one of many destinations that come to mind when planning a trip to the U.S., but it should definitely be on your list. This lively city boasts an iconic skyline, a range of diverse neighborhoods and a booming cultural scene that will captivate any traveler. Seattle offers a range of unforgettable experiences, from the historic Pike Place Market to the breathtaking views at the Space Needle. Discover the charm of the Emerald City and let it redefine your travel expectations. Pack your bags for a journey filled with coffee culture, innovative cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere. Seattle awaits you, promising a surprising and delightful adventure.

San Francisco, California

A great destination as a solo female traveler, San Francisco, California, should definitely be on your list. From the breathtaking Golden Gate Bridge to its beautiful bay waterfront scenery – there's no doubt that it will give you an unforgettable journey. It is known not only for its stunning visuals but also for all of its amazing amenities catering especially to women travelers, making sure your experience is even more enjoyable. Just take one look at that skyline - and it'll make sense why so many people from around the world come here every year.

Heading for the Bay Area is an exciting prospect. There are a ton of iconic attractions to explore in San Francisco, from Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 to Alcatraz Island.


Asheville, North Carolina

Visiting Asheville, North Carolina is one of the most unique experiences for any solo female traveler in the U.S. I was taken aback as soon as I arrived by how quaint and artistic it seemed to be; art galleries lined up everywhere with pieces from local talents! The creative vibe that emanates through their city truly captures your imagination - making you feel safe and welcome amongst its locals. Not only can you explore a variety of outdoor activities, but you also have an opportunity to admire its natural beauty.

Asheville is the place for art. Even if you don't end up buying anything, it's always a pleasure to admire what local artists have created. And speaking of sights – they don't come more stunning than those around this city! Everywhere you look, some forests and mountains create an incredible landscape - perfect for hikers or campers who want something special out of their vacation destination. Not too far away from Asheville lies another amazing attraction: The Blue Ridge Parkway is 469 miles long and full of views so gorgeous they'll linger in your memory even after the trip has ended.

Asheville stands out as one of the best places for female solo travelers due to its welcoming culture. When I was walking through town, it felt like I belonged there - locals were friendly and willing to share stories or help in any way that they could. You get a feeling that everyone wants each other's success here - whether they have known each other forever or just met someone new.


Austin, Texas

There are countless reasons why Austin, TX, should be first on your list when you're looking for the best place to travel alone as a woman in America. There's no shortage of great things this city has going on all year round! From musical shows and cultural events - if you enjoy live music, then Austin is definitely present in that department, too. Not only will it give you an authentic experience, but also provide memories for years to come.

No matter what type of music you're into, chances are there's a big festival like South by Southwest or Fun Fun Fest that has something to suit your taste. And it doesn't end at just live acts - travelers can also get stuck into the unique flavors of BBQ and all kinds of unexpected cuisines. It really is like heaven for foodies and those who enjoy trying out new things.


Portland, Oregon

If you're looking for a vacation that combines urban excitement with serene landscapes, Portland is the perfect destination for you. This beautiful city offers funky neighborhoods to explore, a diverse spectrum of cuisines to indulge in, and stunning natural beauty to take in. Portland's eco-friendly vibe will make you feel right at home, especially if you're a woman seeking a solo journey. So, if you're ready to celebrate your independence, pack your bags and head to Portland.




Embarking on a solo travel adventure as a female can be an immensely fulfilling experience. The United States of America is a vast country filled with an abundance of amazing destinations to explore. From awe-inspiring natural landscapes to cities rich in history and culture, the possibilities are endless. So, whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, rest assured that there's something out there that will cater to your preferences. With so much to discover, an unforgettable journey awaits just around the corner when you travel to America.

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